Becketts Pool (Match Pool)

Current Match Record: 103lb

Since March 07, Becketts pool has generated a lot of interest by pleasure and match men alike. It is now the most popular pool on the complex. It is roughly 2 acres in size and is the shape of a guitar with a large base with 2 islands in the base and centre, then a long straight piece with a reed bed running down the middle. BeckettsThe average depth is around 6ft off the ledges and the deepest area is around 10ft. The pool has two inside ledges which will make it ideal for margin fishing. It has 32 well spaced pegs that are easily accessible from the new car park with the remainder being only a short walk away. The new pool has been stocked mainly with mirrors and commons to 3lb, tench and crucians up to 1lb plus Roach and Skimmers. The growth of these fish, particularly the Carp is incredible and some have trebled in weight and size. Some of the biggest fish weigh around 9-10lb, and these are often caught right under your feet later on in the day. An informal match held on at the beginning of December 2006 saw 14 anglers catch a total of more than 450lbs of fish between them in five hours. The current record stands at 120lb in 5 hours, average weights are around 40-60lb to frame. Becketts It is a pole fisherman’s dream as there are no snags in any of the pegs, and all have inside reeds or lilies which the fish love to congregate around particularly in the warmer months. Generally you only need to fish between 4 – 6 metres out just off the ledge. Currently, the feeder is playing a big part in many of the larger catches. This is best fished tight to the islands and in between the two islands. Best baits include pellet, paste, meat and corn. Recommendations for set up are size 12-14 elastic, 5-6lb line and 16 hook size is general set up. Becketts

The pegs have been designed to cater for all requirements from flat concrete base, with imprints on them to give grip in the wet.There are 2 x keepnet pole holders (matches only) and an umbrella pole holder on each peg. For anglers who like to fish the feeder and waggler, the islands are around 20 – 30 metres away, either spraying maggots,pellets or casters up in the water and dropping a light feeder or lead tight to the reeds on the island can produce fantastic results. The best feeder/waggler pegs are 2-6 and 18-26.

Guests Two famous fishermen visited and bagged up, can you guess who they are?