Low-cost Club Matches For Winter 2017 and 2018

Any club booking matches for November 2017 to March 2018 can book now for only 5.00 per peg for a minimum of 12 pegs.

New 'Paddock Pool' open

As of 1st June 2017, our new Paddock Pool is open for pleasure angling only.

Low-cost Club Matches For 2015 and 2016

Any club booking two or more matches for November 2015 to March 2016 can book now for only 4.00 per peg for a minimum of 10 pegs. Prices can be reduced for regular bookings for mid-week club matches, again as long as 10 pegs or more are booked.

In addition, rates for Veteran Club matches (members aged over 55) have been reduced for mid-week matches during summer 2015. Details prices are available on request by telephoning 0121 351 5198 or 07702 695827.

New Pool Application Submitted

Coppice Lane has submitted a planning application for the development of a new silver fish match pool on the complex. If approved, work on the new pool is expected to start in 2016. It is expected to hold about 25 pegs.

First Bite Lodge

First Bite Lodge is now open. The Lodge will be able to cater for 35 people sitting down inside and will offer a wide range of hot and cold food. Teaching facilities are also available. Please note: the Lodge is only available to patrons of Coppice Lane Pools only.

The Lodge will also sell a small section of baits from the coppice wonder feeding pellets, sweet corn, meat, boilies and ground bait.

Coppice Mill Specimen Pool

Bookings now being taken for fishing Coppice Mill
Fishing from 1st March 2012
Contact Jamie on 07933 488986

The latest edition to the coppice lane fishery site is the long awaited opening of the specimen pool, just over 2 acres in size the pool host only 8 pegs. The pool will be open 1st March 2012. Night fishing is allowed on this pool but be aware that the main gates close at normal fishery times. See Specimen Pool Prices and Specimen Pool Rules

The pool has an average depth of around 5ft and the deepest part is 7ft by the cottage. There is an under water island which is only 2 feet deep that runs down the middle of the pool for 60ish meters and is around 30 meters wide. In total there are 100 double figure carp stocked in the pool, mixture of commons, mirrors, ghost and a single leather. These range between 12lb and 20lb. The fish stock have come from a couple of different suppliers as we wanted a different range of strains to be stocked. There are some magnificent heavy plated mirrors, ghosties and leathers are simply beautiful.

In additional we now have a facebook page for the specimen pool so anglers can upload there pictures and weights of the fish they catch. Please do use this as it is a good way of sharing information on what techniques, baits are working. Also showing off what you have caught. facebook.com/coppicelanefishery

Permanent Toilets

Coppice Lane Pools are pleased to announce that our permanent toilets are now open and are located at the side of the new Lodge building. They are also disabled friendly with easy ramp access.

Saturday Open Match

Saturdays Open matches have started on the Bridge Pool with a match record of 100lb 12oz already been recorded. 12 all in. Draw 9am Fish 10am-3pm. Contact Jamie to book in.

Becketts Pool

Beckett's pool opened in March 2007, the Wednesday opens and summer evening match's have proven to be very popular with nearly a full turn out on each of the weekly matches. The weights have been very good and provided fantastic sport for all styles of fishing. pole close in had dominated during the warmer months and feeder or long pole during the cooler months. Over a hundred pound is the match record in its first season.

Pay Station

Pay Station
The pay station is located at the entrance to the fishery. Please take time to read the notice boards as it holds relevant information.

  • How to use the big orange pay box.
  • Fishery Rules and regulations
  • Future contests dates so that you know if a match is on or not. " being anglers it is frustrating to set up, catch fish, then find out a match is booked on those pegs your fishing"
  • Gallery section of latest specimens
  • General info

Midlands Angler report Dec 2005

Purchased in February this year by a group of three anglers from the midlands, Coppice Lane Pools are being transformed from three farm pools into a well balanced mixed fishery where pleasure and small club match anglers can enjoy year round sport.

Changes have included the installation of a pay station where anglers deposit their peg fees before fishing, restricted the use of keepnets to match's and requiring junior anglers under 16 to be accompanied by an adult. Top pool is the first water you come to and is heavily stocked. Deepest at the end furthest from the entrance, where a 9ft hole can be found just of the end of the island. The pool has a shelf all the way round where about two feet of water can be found to about three feet out. Top pool predominantly holds mirrors and commons carp to about 8lb, but is also stocked with chub to 1lb 8oz, crucian carp, roach and rudd to about 1lb. A large number of skimmer bream to about 2lb and a small head of tench. An ideal water top pool is fairly shallow in the main and is also popular with waggler anglers. When fishing the pole a minimum of a No10 with a 14 or 16 hook is recommended, although those going for the silver fish should go as light as required. It also fishes well in the winter last March one angler took 35 carp by fishing only one foot deep with maggots whilst spraying maggots every cast. In the colder months most anglers tend to go for a more traditional approach fishing worms, maggots, casters, corn or pellets.

Middle pool virtually surrounded by trees and shrubs, is the place to head for silver fish crucians and carp to about 8lb. Around much of the margins this water is only two to three feet deep, while five feet can be found just off the island in the main body of the pool with a maximum of six feet in the centre. The most popular techniques are to fish between 12 and 18 inches deep in the open water with a single maggot or caster for the rudd and roach or close in in the margins, up against the reeds for the carp, tench and bream. If you fish near the reeds you will need to scale up your tackle as the fish know immediately where to head for. Middle pool is a good year round water and almost anything goes as far as bait id concerned, although in the colder months maggots, pellets, casters, corn and worm work best.

Bottom pool is another pretty out of the way water with some interesting features at its far end. An ideal place to head for if you want to fish for the unknown. Bottom pool is about two feet to three feet deep around the margins, while shallow at just three feet at its deepest at the inlet end, it drops to between six and seven feet in the centre by the outlet. With carp up to 6lb but averaging 2lb bottom pool is again mainly a silver fish water with perch, tench and skimmers to about 1lb and roach and rudd to about 8oz, Bottom pool is again ideal for the pole or waggler with anglers tending to use fine tackle. Techniques vary from fishing up in the water for the roach and rudd to fishing on the bottom in open water or close into the margins for the patrolling carp. The most favoured winter bait again tend to be maggots, casters and worms. Author: Peter Cliff.