Bridge Pool (Match Pool)

Current Match Record: 100lb 12oz

Bridge pool has been open since March 2009 and is available for day tickets and match bookings. This new pool is ideal for pole, waggler and feeder fishing and suits both the serious match angler and pleasure anglers alike.

Bridge Bridge has been stocked with Carp to 5lb, Tench and Crucians to 1lb, Bream to 4lb, Roach and Chub. There is a separate car park for this pool which is located next to the pool for easy access to any of the 31 pegs. The pegs have been constructed with a concrete hard base big enough to get the majority of anglers equipment on the peg.

BridgeThe pool has been shaped like a canal with a distance of 13-14 metres to the far side, there is an inside ledge of 3 foot which is mirrored on the far shelf, down the middle there is 7ft of water. Reeds, rush's and lilies have been planted on both sides of the pool which will give features to fish to. The hot pegs are either side of the bridge, hence the name. The match record on this pool currently stands at 100lb 12oz taken on pellet and paste fished to the far side. The average match weights are 20lb-40lb