Coppice Mill Specimen Pool

Now open, the new Specimien Pool has an average depth of around 5ft and the deepest part is 7ft by the cottage. There is an under water island which is only 2 feet deep that runs down the middle of the pool for 60ish meters and is around 30 meters wide.


In total there are 100 double figure carp stocked in the pool, mixture of commons, mirrors, ghost and a single leather. These range between 12lb and 20lb. The fish stock have come from a couple of different suppliers as we wanted a different range of strains to be stocked. There are some magnificent heavy plated mirrors, ghosties and leathers are simply beautiful.

Anglers wishing to fish Coppice Mill please contact Jamie (Fishery Manager ) on 07933 488986 to book and pay in advance.

Night fishing is available by appointment only.