Middle Pool

Middle poolThis pool caters for 12 anglers, this mature natural pool and is one of the old, original pools on the complex around 40 years old. It is stocked mainly with Roach, Skimmers, Rudd, Perch, Tench and the odd big wild Carp. Some of the Roach are up to a pound, and the skimmers are nearly 2lb.The rumours of a couple of grass carp in the lake are pictured below. Favourite baits are maggot, caster and worm for the silvers, with breadpunch being a deadly bait Middle poolin the Winter and pellet or corn for the Tench and Carp on the Pole or waggler, depths vary from 1.5 ft to 4 ft. There are plenty of reed beds / lillies and inside features to fish to. This pool also benefits from having an Island where the majority of the large carp tend to reside "in the reeds". It is an ideal lake for beginners as it is mainly silver fish that are targeted, light lines and small hooks are required for constant sport.

This is a pleasure pool and very few matches are held on this pool. The majority of the matches held on this pool is throughout Winter when the silverfish sport is brilliant.